Name: Dr. Tabitha Gacheri Murerwa
University: Technical University of Kenya
Title: A Comparative Study of the Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction among Teachers in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Nairobi County

The paper sought to establish the influence of demographic factors (age, gender, marital status, and educational level on job satisfaction, to examine the relationships between the hygiene factors and job satisfaction, to explore the relationships between the motivational factors and job satisfaction and to ascertain the difference in levels of job satisfaction between private and public secondary school Teachers in Kenya.
The study found out that if the teachers are treated equally and fairly and they are properly supervised, their level of satisfaction can be increased towards their job. “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay” Adams 1960s equity theory . There is no significance difference between teacher's job satisfaction in public and private schools. Job satisfaction is still a challenge to the education sector as evidenced by numerous strikes of teachers in Kenya.


Name: David Mathuva (PhD student)
University: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology
Title: Determinants and Consequences of Income Diversification in Deposit-Taking Savings and Credit Co-Operative Unions in Kenya

The study focused was on the drivers and effects of income diversification in deposit-taking Saccos that are subject to regulation of the sources (and limits) on their incomes. This is because there seems to be mixed findings on the effects of income diversification in financial institutions.


Name: James M. Gatauwa (PhD student)
University: University of Nairobi
Title: The Effects of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and Other Factors On Expenditure In Kenya


The study sought to establish the influence of economic policy and post-crisis macroeconomic outcomes on the effect of the economic conditions on expenditure. It was to establish the moderating effect of economic policy on the relationship between economic conditions and expenditure and to investigate the effect of post-crisis macroeconomic policy outcomes on economic policy especially during the 2008 global financial crisis.


Name: Jacob Oduor
University/Institution: Africa Development Bank, Tunisia.
Title: Effectiveness of monetary policy with maturity mismatch and large capital flow episodes

The study sought to determine the effectiveness of maturity mismatch and large capital flow episodes. Maturity mismatch is gaining attention and world-wide momentum after 2007-2009 financial crisis. In Africa, the problem is more severe given the limited sources of long-term financing for banks. Maturity mismatch exposes banks to a liquidity crisis during capital flight episodes that reduce market liquidity.


Name: James Ndegwa (PhD student),
University/Institution: Dedan Kimanthi University of Technology.
Title: Evaluation of Consistent Trends in Stock Performance in the NSE

This study sought to evaluate consistent trends in stock performance in the NSE. In Africa very little known about stock market efficiency, this leads their neglect by international investors despite the fact that stock markets in Africa are not less efficient than those in other developing regions. Consistent stock performance implies patterns or trends in the occurrence of stock prices yet in efficient markets prices should arise in a random.


Name: Othieno Ferdinand Okoth (PhD student),
University/Institution: Strathmore University
Title: The role of Accounting Fundamentals in estimating the Equity Risk Premium: Evidence from selected Equity Markets in Africa

The purpose of the study was to determine the role of accounting fundamentals in estimating equity risk premium. The study will also determine the sensitivities of cash flows to economic factors.


Name: John K. Ndulu (PhD student),
University/Institution: University of Stellenbosch Business School
Title: Evaluating the viability of Small Scale Environmental Technologies targeting Poverty Reduction

The study is about establishing effective demand (WTP) for biogas production and micro-irrigation systems, and appropriate financing mechanism for implementation of such technologies targeting the rural poor to increase their income and well-being.


Name: Gillian Mwaniki (PhD student),
University/Institution: Kenya Methodist University
Title: Effects of Regulatory Reforms on Stock Market Returns: Evidence from Nairobi Stock Exchange

The purpose of the study was to test the effect of regulatory information on stock returns at a market level. The study sought to establish whether Central Depositories (operational rules) regulation issued by Capital Market Authority have any effect on stock market returns in Kenya


Name: Dinah M. Natto (PhD student),
University/Institution: Strathmore University
Title: The Intrinsic Value of African Securities Exchanges

The research proposed to measure the level of efficiency of selected Africa stock markets in pricing stocks using models. From a fundamental analysis view, the research will use three valuation models (Economic Value Added, Financial and Economic Approach to Valuation and Residual Income Model) to establish the intrinsic value of the selected stocks. 





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