Jul 13, 2017

Management Science 3rd year students visit Nestle Company

3rd Year School of Management and Commerce - Management Science students, recently visited Nestlé factory, creating a sense of familiarization on different integrated processes used in manufacturing industries.

The students interacted with middle level management - the Regional Operations Manager and the Production Manager, who took time to teach them on the different aspects of production and production management.

The students learnt about Nestlé products, the manufacturing and supply chain processes, and the logistics tools that the company uses to acquire raw materials and avail goods to consumers.

‘’I learnt how automation helps in product design. I learnt about process selection, relating continuous processes to the applicability of e.g. a product like cerelac and its manufacturability, ‘Esther Ndunge.

The Nestle visit was conducted with the view of teaching students how operations and production processes are conducted in the real world, away from theory lessons learnt in class.


Article written by student James Chacha

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