Aug 30, 2016

Dr. Wang’ombe meets second-year students

SMC Dean, Dr. David Wang'ombe.

The meeting commenced at 11:30am with a warm welcome from the SMC Manager, Roseline Lubullelah who ushered in the Dean, Dr. Wang’ombe.


The Dean began by congratulating the 2nd years for their hard work and focus in their BCOM degree in Strathmore University. He acknowledged that 2nd year is never too easy since it is the period in which the students get prepared for stage 11 of their degree.


Two students were acknowledged; John Okotia (Financial representative) and Tabitha Maholi (Vice-chair) for successfully winning the elections.


The Dean had several agendas he discussed with the students:


1. Progress to stage 11 of the degree

Most students tend to get distracted from their main objective - which is to pursue their studies. Along the way, they will fail in their exam and require retakes, which hinder them from completing their degree on time. Dr. Wang’ombe advised the students against distractions that interfere with studies. He indicated that time-management is a major contributor. He told the students that there is time for everything and life has to be balanced for a successful journey. Numerous times, students tend to spend more time on their social life than on their education and this of-course pulls down their grades.


The market is currently targeting students who are young and eager to explore new things. Students have to be extra careful not to indulge in wrong business activities that in the end interfere with their studies. The real life story below narrated by the Dean entails a confession from a former student who indulged in business blindly and ended up in jail.


‘In his third year, a friend approached him with a business idea of selling scrap metal. The student bought the idea. However, he did not have any capital, so he used his school fees to buy the scrap metal with the belief that the demand was high and so returns would be quick and huge profit accompanied. What the boy did not know was that it was just a scam and he ended up losing his school fees. He was in the 2nd week of his semester, therefore he had time to find other ways of making money to recover his school fees. The friend approached him again with the same business but assured him that this time round the scrap metal was available and in-fact, for free. A helicopter had crashed in the park and lay there unclaimed.  Blindly, the student was convinced and they went to the park to dismantle the helicopter. What they did not know is that it was government property and it eventually led to their arrest.’


The school of management and Commerce encourages students to practice business and it’s the reason Practical Entrepreneurship is offered in third-year to guide students on how to run their business.


Bachelor’s degree is a journey which requires support from friends, family, school and staff. Students were therefore encouraged to be each other’s keeper and assist one another in their studies and also in their social life. Students should also share their performance with their parents/guardians/mentors or trusted friends for advice and seek opinions. This really plays a great role in improving a student’s grades.


2. International trips

Each School or Faculty in the university has a different tariff that they use, which explains the difference in school fees. SMC will plan to have optional international trips. Expenses have to be balanced due to the scholarship students.


The Dean informed the students that he will meet class representatives to plan for local trips.


The students expressed the need for a talent day and it was agreed that the idea will be communicated to the Dean of students.

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