Jun 30, 2016

Centre for Health Solutions Staff Undertake a Project Management Training

The School of Management and Commerce successfully took the Centre for Health solutions (CHS) staff members through a project management program, an interactive session that lasted four days.


This course is designed to teach participants the practice of good project management.


Participants learnt to identify and schedule project resources, create project flow charts, produce critical path planning and evaluation reports. Important issues of staff selection and team management were also covered.


CHS staff had two days practical sessions where they worked on specific projects using MS Project. The learning objectives were reinforced by two case studies that allowed the staff from CHS to apply the principles and use the tools they have learnt, in their work place.


Key Learning;

  • Project management training teaches individuals the importance of time and setting of goals and objectives.
  • They learn about resources and needs of the company. This could be in the form of time, money or manpower.
  • Staff members learn how to produce documents for review. Every step before, during and on completion of the project are documented. This ensures a solid record that can be referred to or verify during review.
  • With project management training individuals work better with information systems.


Centre for Health Solutions staff received their certificates after the training program.


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