May 24, 2016

Dean SMC Meets 3rd Year Students for an Interactive Development Session

Dean School of Management and Commerce (SMC), Dr. David Wang’ombe, met with the third year SMC students over an interactive lunch session to discuss and hear from students on developments concerning the school.  


Dr. Wang’ombe also took time to inform the students on the importance of networking with key industries to strengthen future linkages and employment opportunities. He sensitized on the fact that members of the faculty are constantly thinking about not only what they teach student, but also how they teach.


Employability is central to the program ran at SMC, set to equip students to meet challenges faced by industries while providing appropriate practical lessons to enhance their understanding. This is done through experiential learning, with introduction of practical entrepreneurship units in the syllabus where students will be graded upon the performance of their business and their business plans.


International trips are set to be included in fourth year’s curriculum as an elective where students are to be graded based on a written report after the trip.


In order to support these aims, Dr. Wang’ombe emphasized on the need to examine and recreate knowledge base that informs teaching, which in turn displays diligence, discipline and dedication in students. This is seen when students exercise teaching and learning exercise by, among other things, attending all classes, completing all assignments and engaging in adequate self-study.


Also, in order to perform at optimum levels students should eat healthy meals, exercise regularly and get adequate rest.


Finally, he encouraged students to work closely with lecturers who are all knowledgeable in their fields and are eager to assist and motivate them to high levels of achievement and success.


The world of the 21st century is filled with opportunities for those who are prepared to grasp them, he concluded, adding that the school is by the students’ side looking forward to celebrating their successes.

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