Aug 10, 2010

CTH takes over Snack Bar

The Centre for Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) in the School of Management and Commerce will from 6th September take over the running and the services at the Snack Bar located in the basement of the auditorium. Students at the Centre will use the facility to prepare meals and serve them.


The Centre had its first exempt class graduating in June 2010 and its first full time class will graduate in the same academic year.


“The prices of meals will be the same as the when the Snack Bar was under the Catering Department as we study the situation,” said Mrs Bernadette Thiuri, Acting Director of CTH.


The Catering Department for its part has moved its operations to the Students' Center. Since its kitchen facilities in the Students' Center are not complete, it will be serving snacks and refreshments and a limited variety of meals during lunch.

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