Work and Career Opportunities in the Digital and Startup Era

Working in a “startup” has sort of become a cool buzz word.


Most people, especially young ones perceive it to be the hottest thing to do after you graduate. It also sounds like something you do after you’re bored doing what you do. It sounds and works like entrepreneurship is like IT was just a few years ago.


How is the startup environment in Kenya? How is the government providing a viable thriving environment to absorb the new generation of entrepreneurs? The government is sparing no effort to provide a good environment for breeding start-ups in Kenya and beyond.


These incentives span both hardware and tax relief to startups. But for a student in school at the moment, what does this mean?


The demand for digital marketing professional

The demand for digital conscious professionals in marketing is set to increase significantly according to these growth hackers.


Marketing concepts have changed and the future concepts will have to intertwine technology and marketing skills to better promote their brands. So if you’re going to look for a marketing role in a startup, or want to be a modern era startup entrepreneur targeting Kenya or any other borderless place, here are a few things you need to know.


Startup marketing and digital opportunities

The biggest problem faced by startup entrepreneurs is lack of adequate startup capital which they must compensate for somehow. Without enough funding, many startups will look into strategies that can significantly get them to market for less. You can start basic properties or ideas such as selling the best electronic pulse massager online and make a living!


 If you’re studying right now, you can make yourself marketable to these companies by learning digital marketing skills like email marketing, social media marketing, search marketing .etc.


What you can do

There are a many free tools which help you manage your online presence. You can learn from platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and the marketing blogosphere. Digital marketing provides insights unlike conventional marketing routes you’re accustomed to.


Using these blogs to learn about Analytics, optimizers and lead generation tools will help you become an asset to any startup.


Generally, businesses will spend a lot more resources on creating useful and informative mobile content.


The shot to a career in digital marketing is for those who take the button to learn.

Obvious things like going to digital marketing events held by startup incubators and digital agencies like  Ness Marketing, Nailab and the iHub among others. 


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